You have made our house into a home. Our home is where we feel comfortable and surrounded by beauty at the same time. As a good friend of ours said, it’s the most beautiful home you could actually live in every day. And we still can’t believe we get to live here, in our own personal magazine spread. 

Thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.

-Randee and Chip Bulla

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Amy on several design projects.  I believe that her greatest strength is her ability to convert your dreams into a reality.  She truly listens to your desires and does not simply impose her views.  Yet she has the ability to tactfully steer you away from design choices that will not work with the overall theme.  Amy was able to pay attention to the smallest detail which led to a final product that achieved the “feel” and look I was desiring.  I would not hesitate to recommend Amy’s services and I look forward to working with her on future projects.

- Jeff Baker

I have worked with Amy on projects large and small, from high end custom residences to large condo projects.  To her it’s all about the details.  Amy understands how things need to work together to present well, and perhaps most importantly, is very well grounded on the cost side of the building business, unusual in her profession.  She is always a pleasure to work with, bringing creativity with enthusiasm to a project and making it enjoyable to work on together. 

- Bob Hollingsworth

Amy’s professionalism, knowledge, and love of design made our renovation experience unbelievably easy.  The finished product is phenomenal and we are constantly complimented on everything from our flooring to our bathroom sink.  Thanks so much Amy!

- Dr. and Mrs. Eric Steele

From the drawing board Amy is thinking about the finished product but never forgetting about the process that it takes to accomplish her goal.  She has a rare ability to understand how, when and why projects come together. She is also always perfecting the next detail before it is ever in demand being sure to not stop the fast pace or increase the budgeted cost of construction.  Amy has a portfolio that speaks for itself, however behind the scenes she does it all with grace and makes it look easy.  

- Kyle Henry

Amy Tyndall's creative genius is on display throughout Wilmington... downtown, in the historic district, and in the urban renewal of North Fourth street.  I could not be happier with the beautiful, warm, calm space that Amy created for me at the Weldon.  She is a designer extraordinaire!

- Jan Hugh

I have never worked with an interior designer that understands budget, timeliness, and the creative process as well as Amy.  What sets Amy apart from other designers is her understanding of the overall process, and how important it is to make organized decisions on a timely basis.  If you need an interior designer to work with your contractor, Amy speaks their language and knows their business.

There are lots of interior designers that can eventually get you to a good design.  Amy will take you on the most direct, cost effective route, and communicate with all of the team members involved in a very professional manner.  She has the education, experience, and background to deliver excellent results.

- Rusty Meador

Dear Amy, 

As we are nearing the end of construction and getting excited about moving into our new home, I really wanted you to know how much we appreciate having had your help all along the way.  I always felt like you listened to our thoughts and ideas and made appropriate suggestions to prove you “heard” what we were saying and I cannot say enough how much stress that relieved while we were having to make what seemed like a million decisions. 

 Above all else, we could not possibly be more excited about the finished product and feel as though we have gotten our dream home. We enjoyed working with you and will gladly hire you or recommend you every chance we get. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and a beautiful home!


- Delyn Fritz

I have worked with Amy on several projects, each with a different concept, style and budget.  She has a marvelous ability to adapt to the unique circumstance of each design, examine the objectives, and find striking selections that are respectful to the initial concept.

Amy is extremely organized, practical, and budget-conscience.  She maintains a pleasant and professional rapport with those involved, from clients to subcontractors.  Amy listens carefully to feedback in the field and resolves issues in an inventive manner.

It is a delight to work with her on any project.

- Tom Macie

Thank you, we loved working with your and LOVE our new home. Thanks to you!

- Tom and Sue Lewis

Amy Tyndall has been more than a joy to work with. She is great at meeting the needs of any budget, idea, or sense of style. The projects that she has designed are unlike anything else I have seen in Wilmington and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to set your home apart, Amy Tyndall is the designer you should call.

-Zack O’Rourke

Amy is a talented and professional designer with a keen eye for amazing color / texture / material combinations.  She provided design services on a number of my custom spec homes.  I stepped back and let her work her magic.  Her color and material choices helped my homes stand out in a tough real estate market.

- Gordon Beckhart

Amy was our interior designer for our family’s Wrightsville Beach vacation home.  We had her choose everything including paint, flooring, hardware, appliances, moldings, etc.  We (my siblings and I) did not want to attempt to make these decisions.  We all love the choices Amy made.  Amy's commitment to her work of excellence and her educational background are both clearly demonstrated by the product she created.  Her depth of knowledge in her field , her professionalism, thoroughness and her excellent ability to communicate made it a true joy and pleasure to work with her.  When I build again, I will do so only with Amy's help.  She gets an A+ from us!"

- Frances Warner

I cannot overstate Amy's influence when it comes to design. She has a natural intuition that compliments her pitch perfect taste.

- David Spetrino, Jr.

Amy made my job as a real estate agent easy- the buyers who purchased the sales models requested everything she had chosen for them…down to the last accessory.  The buildings not only won many awards for their interior design, but they sold quickly- a testimonial to Amy’s flair for style and knowing what people want.  I am also impressed with the level of thought she puts into every project- everything makes sense and works within the space.  Although Amy has the credentials to back up her work, she has something much more difficult to find- good old fashioned natural ability.  She just knows! 

When I first met Amy, I was nervous.  I had been a fan of her work for a long time and had known her by name only.  What a delight to find out she was friendly, down to earth, and funny- so easy to talk to and work with.  Amy is the interior designer I would choose personally and recommend to clients, family and friends. 

- Kasey Valente

Amy worked with us in designing the interiors of several of our properties in North Carolina.  She always came up with awesome and cost-effective decorating plans to integrate paint, lighting, trim, cabinetry, and fixtures into a beautiful, appealing finished product.  Everyone who walks into our current home (which Amy did) raves about the finishing touches which include beautiful crown molding, granite countertops, travertine tile, glass cabinet inserts, gorgeous paint combinations, wonderful wood flooring, and bead board accents.  So, needless to say, whenever we're starting a new project, we always call Amy for ideas and support.

- Kathy Zehringer

Amy is the consummate professional.  I have personally observed her dedication to her work and her results speak for themselves.  Not only does she have the creative talent that makes her design so special, but she is knowledgeable about construction techniques, building materials and cost analysis. When Amy takes on a project, it not only gets done beautifully, but on time and on budget.

I have enjoyed working with Amy Tyndall for many reasons.  Her design skills and knowledge of construction techniques make her an essential member of any design team.  Not only does she have the vision to take a project to the next level of excellence, she has that "can do" spirit and work ethic that is an absolute pleasure.

- Deborah A. Butler

Amy I think you show a lot of grace, you think out of the box, and the projects that you've done have been outstanding and award winning!  You're just a pleasure to work with.

- Stan Tootoo